Hire a car at Salerno train station

Car Rent Salerno Train Station

Hire a car at Salerno train station

Delivery and collection service!

Hire a car at Salerno train station!  Get the best service availing of a delivery and collection service because you deserve the best service to start your holiday! A member of our staff will deliver you the rented car waiting for you at Salerno Train Station at the time and date you indicated in the car reservation. He, of course, will have an identification sign showing your name to recognizing. You will then be accompanied to your car booked to complete the payment procedures and signing the rental agreement pre-filled.

At the end of the rental period, our Assistant will meet you at Salerno train station for the car collection. You just park the vehicle outside the train station

Hire a car at Salerno train station! Avail of the best service that Antares 91 offers you:  simple procedures, fast and easy, without losing time queuing to collect your car.! Quote online your car hire and top delivery/collection service here

Hire a car at Salerno Train Station. Delivery and collection top service by Antares’91!

More info? contact us via…

mobile: +39 3356389719 – +39 3491210033 (also Whatsapp/Telegram)

Available Hours

from monday to sunday
from  09:00 to 20:00
Available for after-hours pick-up and drop-of


Pick-up fee: € 35,00
Drop-of fee: € 35,00

After hour pick-up: € 10,00
After hour drop-of: € 10,00

PI: 04406140653 CF: FRGNGL67R68C125A Antares 91.

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