Hire a car at Naples Train Station

Naples Centrale Train Station

Hire a car at Naples train station

If you are thinking to spend your holidays in Castellabate or Agropoli or Paestum area and you arrive at Naples train station maybe hire a car at Naples train station through Antares’91 Car Hire Company is the best solution to explore and reach these locations in stress-free.

Take advantage of our car hire delivery and drop-off service in Naples train station! Because you deserve the best!

Book at Antares91 your hire car and avail of our top service of delivery and collection of the car directly at Naples train station upon your arrival, a service personally dedicated for you and your family! No queue, no looking around Naples to find a car hire point!

How does it work?

Our assistant will meet and greet you at your train track having your name signed on paper.
He will deliver you your booked car parked just outside the train station at the private parking lot! Just the time for the payment procedure, fast and easy thanks to our portable device, and for the signature of the pre-filled Rental Agreement, all this in less than 5 min and you will start your holiday with your car! That’s all!

About the car drop-off?

Concerning the car drop off, our Assistant will wait for you at the date and time previously agreed, just outside the train station in  Naples  He will recognize you and you can leave the car unloading your luggage just at the main entrance of the Naples train station! So easy, so fast! He will collect the car just from there!
Quote online now the special package ‘Hire a car at Naples train station including delivery/collection top service ‘ clicking here! Because you deserve the best car hire experience!

Hire a car at Naples train station including delivery and collection top service

Contact us via…

mobile: +39 3356389719 – +39 3491210033 (also on WhatsApp or Telegram)

Available Hours

from monday to sunday
from  09:00 to 20:00
Available for after hours pick-up and drop-


Pick-up fee: € 70,00
Drop-of fee: € 70,00

After hour pick-up: € 10,00
After hour drop-of: € 10,00

PI: 04406140653 CF: FRGNGL67R68C125A Antares 91.

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