Hire a car in Santa Maria di Castellabate

S.Maria di Castellabate Head Office

Hire a car in Santa Maria di Castellabate!

Delivery/Collection service upon request!

Hire a car in Santa Maria di Castellabate! hire your car online here and get it delivered to your accommodation in Santa Maria di Castellabate. Wherever you spend your holidays in Santa Maria di Castellabate, in Villa Virginia or in your lovely apartment at Villa Tina or in Villa Elaia or in the charming Palazzo Belmonte, we will deliver just there! Take advantage of our delivery/collection service for your best car hire experience!
Antares 91 offers a customized renting service delivering your rented vehicle wherever you need it, so you can enjoy the Cilento Coast in a full freedom way.

Hire a car in Castellabate from Antares 91!  Hire in a simple way, fast and without losing time queuing collecting your car at the airport desks! Because you deserve the best service!

Hire a car in Santa Maria di Castellabate

Our office:

Via Pagliarola 2, S.Maria di Castellabate(Sa)
Phone: +39-0974-960241
Mobile: +39 3356389719 or +39 3491210033 (also whatsapp)

Opening hours

from Monday to Sunday
from  09:00 to 20:00
Available for after-hours pick-up and drop-of


Pick-up fee: € 0,00
Drop-of fee: € 00,00

After hour pick-up: € 10,00
After hour drop-of: € 10,00

PI: 04406140653 CF: FRGNGL67R68C125A Antares 91.

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